Visual Map of the Learning Space

This space needs to be reborn, providing flexible and comfortable learning areas which are aesthetically pleasing and encouraging of both relaxation and of collaborative learning.


Positive: This atrium area provides a light and airy aesthetic – now to show it off to better advantage!
Positive: So much space! Towards the story area and chair
Positive: These gorgeous girls greet us throughout the day Negative: Their presence makes it impossible to open the doors or use the outside area.



Design Problem: So many desks, so little flexibility or spacing
Negative: The dumping corner – posters, big books, boxes of old readers; however, it is a favourite place for students who wish to hide from the world
Negative: The other dumping corner – old cassettes, DVDs, videos, unused teaching resources, broken furniture and cushions that have no storage.
Possibility: These seating pads are rarely used as they are tricky to put back. The shelving areas and windows have already received some TLC
Negative: The circulation desk – could be so much more exciting and inviting
Design Problem: Big book storage and part of the non-fiction section from dumping corner 1 – this area is narrow and uninviting
Negative: Shelving is old and was damaged in the roof leaks, book stands are mismatched – contributing to an overall impression of lack of value.
Design Problem: Junior Series are shelved in aging and breaking plastic tubs on shelving, often too high for junior readers to reach.
Positive: The area right next to the doorway – has possibilities as a cozy nook to enjoy a quiet read – although the wall areas are an under utilised opportunity to promote reading displays.

All images Anni Gold (2017)