Children’s Reflections and Requests

My first library lesson with these wonderful children was dedicated to getting to know them, and to know their thoughts and ideas about the library design (there were also many book title requests).

Here are a few of them:

  • I would like the library to have more space to rest, I think it could look prettier like that.
  • Can we please paint the library because it is dirty and boring coloured.
  • I would like the library to smell nicer
  • I would like to change the library by making more pillows in the library corners because a lot of people don’t get to go on the couches.
  • Could we please have quiet, peaceful music, it would make it nicer.
  • I would like more posters on the front windows, and a little space for the people who want to do quiet reading and a rest.
  • Clean the shelves and make more decorations
  • More couches, fix the door
  • More couches, fix the roof, more decorations
  • More chill out places
  • More red cushions

Image: Roger Gold (2017) author’s spouse, he has given me permission 🙂