Welcome to my Designing Learning Spaces Blog

My name is Anni Gold and, after many wonderful years in the classroom, I am the new Teacher-Librarian at a medium sized Catholic Primary school in the Redlands area of Brisbane. To say that the learning curve was steep over the first couple of weeks would be an incredible understatement! Having now spent 15 weeks on the job my head is still spinning. Trying to align the practical and theoretical learnings from my university studies with my real-life context has, at times, seemed an insurmountable task. However, recent, highly productive meetings with members of the leadership team have helped me to focus on what is important, and what is practical. It is hoped that this plan for revitalising the library achieves both.

I have constructed this blog for a number of reasons: predominantly, to meet the requirements of my Designing Learning Spaces (LCN601) subject; but also to guide my reflections and thoughts as I contemplate how to make positive changes to the physical environment of our school library in order to better meet the social, emotional, physical and learning needs of the school population (students, staff, and wider community).

The structure of this blog was initially focused towards the required components of Assignment One, and has now been altered to also meet the requirements of Assignment Two (in italics).

  • Learning Space Reflection

Reflection 1: First thoughts of “The Swamp” (Burge, 2001)

Reflection 2: Charrette process: benefits and disadvantages

  • Tour of the Learning Space

Situational analysis, VAST Heuristic, summary of the evaluative findings, and a brief statement of the design problem

  • Visual Map

Mud map, photos of positive and negative aspects of the site, and of the specific design problem/s that are further explored in Assignment Two

  • Meaning Making

How the ASLA/ALIA Standards of Professional Excellence for teacher librarians attend to the physical learning environment of the school library, and in particular what is the interaction between the ASLA/ALIA Standards and the current educational focus on collaborative, flexible learning spaces, and how is that reflected in the design of the physical space of the STARRR school library?

  • Learning Space Design Solution

A visual representation of the final design solution with brief summary of key points

  • Learning Space Design Proposal

Design proposal written to school administration team and to Parents and Friends executive (likely providers of finance)

  • Reference page

Image: Roger Gold (2015) permission granted